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Dec - 21 - 2011


Dec - 21 - 2011


Our firm is composed of ten people with a wide experience. Its origin dates back to 1960 when the project begins to germinate creating Drivers School in Palma del Río Canovaca Marcellin Hinojosa, self-made entrepreneur through their exercise capacity, tenacity, creativity and intelligence.

In 1962 permanently installed and stable in Palma del Río (Cordova) Driving School Palma, having being assigned the number 11 authorization to engage in activity.

From 1969 to 1989 and parallel to the extension of driver training centers, the company diversifies and evolves creating 5 new property: Insurance, employment counseling, legal advice, tax and accounting, Solicitors, Financial agent.

At present the various departments of the company have been consolidated into independent companies under the ownership and management of the children of his creator Marcelino Hinojosa Canovaca, being Canovaca Consultants and Advisors and Palma Technical Office which have continued with the advice

Finally note that the experience demonstrated, the use of the latest technologies applied to training and qualifications of its staff have made these more than 50 years of evolution.