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January - 27 - 2012


Dec - 21 - 2011


Dec - 21 - 2011


Dec - 21 - 2011



El Presidente ha anunciado que las medidas “immediately” will be taken to ensure compliance with the Budget and the path adjustment committed after the last European Council.

These decisions are specified in the comprehensive review of the public, measures affecting the structure of government; the adopción de que afectan presupuestarias iniciativas a ministerios, I ndicatos y partidos y sociales al Modelo de prestaciones; adicionales sobre medidas mediante of elevación ingresos de la imposición indirecta, y of aceleración del calendario de reformas estructurales destinadas flexibilidad a incrementar of competitividad y economia de NUESTRA.


En el local Ambito delimitarán se las de los ayuntamientos atribuciones, de forma que no asuman Servicios para los que no con cuentan of necesaria financiación, reforzará se y el papel de las diputaciones con el fin de centralizar of prestación de Servicios. Estas medidas, Segun el Presidente, allow savings “that is in the environment of the 3.500 million”. To this is joined by the homogenization of the salaries of mayors and councilors, reduction in 30% the number of councilors and the drastic reduction of public companies in the local.

With regard to the autonomous President announced that the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy which meets tomorrow will set the deficit target 2013 y 2014, review the implementation of economic plans and financial autonomy will launch a financial instrument which guarantees liquidity.


Among the measures announced are the following:

  • It will reduce the number of days of unrestricted.
  • It sets the number of union released strictly as provided by law.
  • Conditions shall be treated in temporary disability to those of other workers.
  • It will facilitate the mobility of public employees.
  • They suspend the payment of the second bonus to employees and public officials.
  • It will significantly reduce the number of companies and foundations.


The President has announced additional fiscal measures as adjusting 600 million in expenditure items of the ministerial departments, the cut 20% in subsidies to parties, unions and business organizations or rationalization of expenditure in the dependency system.

It has also announced a revised model of unemployment benefits, maximum period of 24 months will be maintained and whose base salary will increase from 60 to the 50% from the sixth month to the new receivers.

On the revenue:

  • The general rate of VAT increase from 18 to the 21%. The reduced, the 8 to the 10%, and keeps the super-reduced 4% for staples.
  • The social contributions will drop a point in 2013 and one in 2014.
  • Environmental tax reform.
  • Rise snuff taxation.
  • Elimination of deduction for housing for new buyers from 2013.

To all this is added the acceleration of structural reform agenda, among which highlighted the energy sector, an “distribution of the gap between the different sectors involved; further reform and liberalization of the services sector; flexible trading hours, and liberalization process “y, if, privatization of rail services associated with, port and airport”.

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